Denver Concrete Repair

Are you looking for an expert in concrete repair in Denver? At Ram Jack Colorado, we offer the best foundation repair services. We also undertake drainage repairs and an extensive list of other services.

How does concrete slab leveling work?

Concrete can crack and sink due to changes in the soil beneath the concrete. With time, soil can shift, settle and consolidate leading to the formation of small voids under concrete slabs. These voids can compromise the stability of your concrete leading to significant damage. Using concrete slab leveling, we can fill the voids underneath the concrete restoring the slab to its old position.

We do this by drilling small holes to pump a specially designed mixture under the slab. This induces pressure from below, filling the void and lifting the slab to its original position. Once the slab is in its place, we seal the mud jacking holes. We offer great solutions for concrete repair in Denver.

What is the lifespan of Concrete?

The lifespan of concrete can vary depending on many factors. Concrete can have a very long life depending on the environment and the type of concrete. Acidic soils, intense heat, concrete that was not allowed to cure properly (frozen before curing, dried out too quick) can deteriorate. Also, steel rebar inside the concrete can rust and expand breaking out the concrete. Concrete is the preferred foundation material by most builders due primarily to cost not to mention its quick, easy and readily available in most areas. Proper drainage is one of the most important factors related to the performance of concrete. Maintenance and minor repairs shouldn’t be left to next season. Consult a professional to assess any cracks or sinking to ensure you get the most out of the investment.

Effects of foundation issues on your home

Effects of foundation damage can have different effects on your home based on the severity of the damage. Foundation damages negatively affect the value of a home when you consider reselling reducing the resale value significantly. If you reside in a home with foundation damages, sooner or later problems will begin to show up. You may only see a few signs like sagging floors or cracks in walls but more significant damage could be present. It’s best to call a professional company like Ram Jack Colorado for a complete foundation inspection.

Foundation damages can affect a house’s curb appeal and can turn a potential buyer away. Do not let your foundation cracks and settling issues lead to further major structural problems. Contact Ram Jack Colorado today for top-quality concrete repair in Denver.


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