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Before buying your home, you probably weren’t aware that the construction was on a wetland or atop of an underground stream. In time these will lead to foundation damage in Denver, but luckily Ram Jack Colorado has the knowledge to waterproof the foundation and to restore its integrity.

Can water damage your foundation?

Water pooling around the concrete structure of the slab can lead, given the right conditions and enough time, to cracks and infiltrations in the house. As soon as you notice water leaking on the basement’s walls would be advisable to ask an expert to examine your foundation.

Following the investigations, we may conclude that it was only a broken pipe, but still, an upholding wall will not allow water infiltrations. However, a burst pipe is not the only reason for the water to show up in your basement. There are several other possible reasons listed below:
Methods to stop your basement from seeping water

  • Inefficient rainwater drainage – a dense and absorbing soil will swell during the heavy rains exerting significant pressure on the foundation’s walls. Over time this pressure will bend the inside walls causing cracks and leading to substantial foundation damage in Denver.
  • Underground streams – the groundwater will exert a constant hydrostatic pressure against the basement walls. This will lead the water to find its way inside your house through small cracks, especially in the jointing areas. If the pressure continues to mount up and if it is not released somewhere else, the water will then create larger openings on its way to reduce the hydrostatic pressure.
  • Water pooling around the house structure – an inefficient surface drainage system and a land sloping towards your house will lead to water pooling next to the walls. This water will then try to find natural drainage into the ground, stepping down to the foundation.

It is not advisable to have water pooling next to your house walls, and for this reason, you should try to remove it as soon as possible. We would advise you to look for long term solutions rather than short term ones:
Can you waterproof basement from inside?

  • Install an underground drainpipe – if the downspouts are close to your house, you should install an underground drainpipe. Gutter extensions may not be advisable since they can create a safety hazard.
  • Reshape the land – change the land’s slope so water will move away from your house and will not infiltrate your basement.
  • Install a water pump – create a groove next to the soggy walls and remove the water by using a pump.
  • Waterproof the walls – should be done on the external walls so that the water will not reach the concrete.

Yes, it is possible to do the inside waterproofing though may not be recommended. Such a job will not remove the actual cause but will only prevent the basement walls from looking wet for a while.

For permanent results, you may want to speak to a contractor specialized in foundation damage in Denver. For a consultation, please call Ram Jack Colorado in confidence, and one of our experts will check the causes and offer a reliable solution.


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