Foundation Repair Colorado Springs

A solid foundation ensures that you will enjoy your home for many years, but what to do if you reside in a living area where water infiltrations cause gradual problems? You should look for a contractor specialized in foundation repair in Colorado Springs with no delay. And if this is the case, Straight Line Construction is ready to support you with a specialized team of professionals.

What are the signs of a bad foundation?

There are several ways to notice if you have a damaged foundation, from cracks in the walls or floors to cabinets separating from the walls or doors that are not closing. If you experience any of these foundation issues, you may want to call a contractor specialized in foundation repair in Colorado Springs for free estimation:

  • Foundation cracks or any other types of fractures – cracks on the floors or gaps in the exterior walls are most probably a sign that your house has a problem with the foundation. Every building has a normal movement in the first 2 – 3 years after commissioning, but usually, this does not lead to any significant cracks. Due to a large variety of reasons, your foundation may experience an abnormal movement that continues over the initial period, and this can lead to walls fissures.
  • Foundation sinking – over time, you may notice that a part of your house appears to be lower than the other side. If this is the case, your home is probably facing a foundation sinking, and we have to correct this with interior or exterior foundation piers.
  • Doors and windows that refuse to stay closed – if the foundation moved in time, the frames holding your doors and windows are most probably tilted; hence, the problem.
  • Uneven flooring – a damaged foundation can cause your floor to tilt or get a wavy shape.

Can foundation problems be fixed?

It is possible to repair a damaged foundation, but it is difficult to give an estimate of the required work before we see the problem. A simple repair, as injecting polyurethane for keeping the foundation dry does not take long. On the other hand, a significant restoration requiring pilling work and installation of piers requires specialized foundation repair in Colorado Springs.

Covering the cracks on the walls or floors will not fix the root cause but will be only a cosmetic solution for your house problems. In most of the cases, a movement from a part of the house will cause a different wall to crack.

Cost to fix a foundation problem

Before giving an estimate, one of our specialists will come in for a visit to understand the extent of the damages and the causes. After the initial visit, we will be able to present an action plan to correct the problem. We will deliver comprehensive foundation repair in Colorado Springs.

With Straight Line Construction, we will fix your problems in the shortest time possible and with no hidden costs. We prefer to have a long-time referral business, and that is why your satisfaction is essential for us.


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