Foundation Repair Denver

Ram Jack Colorado is one of the leading companies to provide foundation repair in Denver. If you have doors that do not close, gaps around windows or cracks in walls, give us a call for a professional on-site evaluation.

Causes of foundation damage

Foundation problems are common in homes, and the bad news is that the longer the problems persist, the more extensive the damage. Some of the typical causes of foundation repairs include:
What are the signs of foundation damage?

  • Evaporation - Hot climatic conditions affect the soil below the foundation, causing the soil to shrink. This can compromise the integrity of the foundation leading to shifting and settling. Furthermore, settling causes cracks in the structure. Watering your lawn consistently can possibly help this issue.
  • Tree transpiration - Roots of trees in your lawn can suck out the water from the soil beneath your home leading to settling. An oak tree in your yard can consume up to 30,000 gallons of water per year. Watering the trees close to your foundation can help solve this issue.
  • Improper Drainage - Continuous moisture in certain areas can cause the soil to settle, affecting the support that it offers to the foundation. Excess moisture in the soil can cause erosion and cracks, causing bigger damages to your foundation. Altering the soil to slope away from the foundation and checking your gutters consistently for clogs and leaks can solve this issue.
  • Plumbing Leaks can cause shifting- Plumbing leaks are a common cause of damages in foundations, and a water leak can cause the foundation to shift. You may not recognize a leak until you notice a crack on the walls or floor. Until you’ll repair it, the foundation will keep shifting. Contact us today for the best foundation repair in Denver.

Some of the common signs of internal foundation damage are cracks in floors and tiles, cracks in the sheetrock, misalignment in doors and windows, sloping floors and gaps around the molding. You can identify foundation damages outside the house with cracks in bricks, gaps around windows and door trim pulling away, etc.

Another common area where you can easily spot foundation damage is your basement. Watch out for cracks in walls, bulging and bowing in walls. Get a specialized foundation repair contractor to assess your property in case you find shifting piles in the crawl space, also a sign of foundation damage.

Does homeowner’s insurance cover foundation damages?

Homeowner’s insurance policy offers protection to homes against losses arising from fire and burglary. Unfortunately, this policy usually does not offer coverage for structural damages, home sinking, roof damages, etc. Home insurance policies do not cover most structural damages because it can take a long time to detect the issue, and these usually arise from improper maintenance.

In worse cases, foundation damage can lead to flooding in your basement and sinking of your house. We offer the most cost-effective and on-time foundation repair in Denver. At Ram Jack Colorado, we aim to fix your repairs with permanent foundations solutions. Call us today!


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