Foundation Repair Phoenix

We are the community’s favorite in providing foundation repair in Phoenix. At Ram Jack Arizona, we offer all types of foundation repair solutions from carbon fiber repair, compaction grouting to push piers and steam wall repair.

What is a perimeter drain?

Perimeter drains prevent water from seeping into your foundation or basement. These drains absorb water from rains, snow, or rising groundwater and channel it away from your house. Other names for perimeter drains include weeping tile and the french drain. A weeping tile consists of plastic or PVC and is a perforated pipe installed around your house in the underground.

The pipe contains thousands of tiny perforations or holes for water to drain into, which then drains away from the foundation. The French drain prevents the soil from entering the pipe with the help of its permeable sock-like cover. Building the perimeter with a slope facing away from home is crucial to direct the water to the primary sewer system.

Are foundation issues fixable?

Most foundation issues are fixable such as foundation failures inside the house like sloping floors, cracks in sheetrock, floor, tile, misaligned windows and doors, gaps around molding, etc. Schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for foundation repair in Phoenix to evaluate the issue precisely.

Small cracks do not cost much as a mere covering with simple patching can fix the issue. However, if cracks are due to underlying drainage issues, it could involve significant repairs and sometimes installation of helical or push piles, which require a foundation repair specialist. The best way to avoid such spending is to address the issue immediately as you spot a crack or seepage.

Common drainage problems

Yard drainage is a common issue that homeowners face from time to time. Drainage issues cannot be put off for later fixing as it can lead to serious foundation problems.
We offer the best foundation repair in Phoenix for both home and office buildings. For issues of cracks in the ceiling, bricks, floor, tile, foundation, and walls, get in touch with Ram Jack Arizona today to schedule an on-site evaluation.

  • Yard Erosion - Areas with excess water from downspout and pipe openings can cause those areas to erode. Fixing a dry creek bed can solve the issue. Dry creek beds add a nice touch to your landscape with its ornamental design. Another less expensive solution is to install a catch basin for the water to drain into.
  • Soggy Areas - Underground springs and creeks can cause soggy areas in your yard that never dries out. The problem area is usually a large cavity in your yard where all the water collects. Another cause of soggy areas in your yard could be the result of an improper pitch or slope in the building.
  • Improper Soil Conditions – Installing a pool or a new feature in the yard can cause drainage problems. While installing pools, the builder may excavate the soil in that area and distribute it in the area around the pool. This soil retains moisture for almost a year before drying out.


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