Foundation Repair Pueblo

Acquiring a home is probably the most expensive investment that you will make in your entire life. For this reason, you need to be sure that you have made a good investment and you will not have to spend money after that for foundation repair in Pueblo. Being specialized in foundation repair, Ram jack Colorado can provide a professional opinion.

Should I buy a house having foundation issues?

There are multiple factors involved in the matter, starting with the selling price and continuing with the extent of the damages. You should be aware that buying a house requires a little bit of compromising from both parties, but you also should make a documented decision:
Getting a mortgage on a house with foundation problems

  • Know your rights – the seller has the legal obligation to report any structural or foundation damages when listing a property. You should ask for the report done by a reputed foundation repair contractor before making a decision. This way, you will understand the value of the estimated repairs.
  • Do a visual inspection – small cracks can be caused by natural house settling and may not be cause for concern. However, if you notice any significant fractures or even displacements, you have to do further investigations.
  • Ask a professional opinion – if during the inspection you come across several cracks, uneven flooring or doors that are not correctly closing you should look for professional advice. A specialized contractor in foundation repair in Pueblo is an excellent and reliable source of information.
  • Get an estimate – in case the seller can’t accommodate your needs, you can at least get an estimated cost of the work involved. The evaluation will also be useful when negotiating the contract. You should also be aware that a house with unsolved foundation issues for a very long time could have some other damages.

Most of the lenders will probably not accept to finance a home with a weak foundation. Ideally, you should take all the estimates available and discuss the issue openly with your bank.

Buying a house with foundation issues may be a bit risky, but, as long as you know in what you are getting into, this may not be a deal-breaker. If you explain what you intend to do to rehabilitate the property, your lender may agree on the mortgage.

Does foundation repair in Pueblo affect home value?

Minor damages will not affect much the home value, but a significant problem will let the doors open for negotiations. Since you are going to live in that house for many years, we advise fixing the issues by yourself. From the seller point of view, he wants to sell the property as soon as possible so most probably the seller is likely to go with some cosmetic repairs.

Straight Line Construction can help you from the beginning with a qualified opinion if you suspect any problems with the foundation. After the purchase, we will be happy to also provide repair work at affordable costs.


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