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At Ram Jack Arizona, We are a team of highly skilled technicians with a strong background in handling all types of foundation repairs. We are a well-renowned name for offering expert foundation solutions in Arizona.

What is Foundation Settling?

Settling is a common problem that affects a house over time. This occurs as a result of gravity and climatic variations. However, the extent of settling is what calls for action most of the times as significant settling can lead to severe foundation damages.

Improper soil preparation and extreme climatic conditions can cause a new home to sink and settle in less than five years. Houses built during the dry seasons often undergo this problem as the soil expands during rainy seasons, causing soil movement resulting in foundation settlement damage. Some settlement can be considered harmless if settlement occurs evenly throughout the structure.

Good quality constructions will adapt to the typical climatic variations without leading to cracks or gaps around the house as a result of the settlement. Call us to fix your foundation issues cost-effectively.

Foundation Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance and upkeep can prolong the life of your foundation and avoid major repairs in the long term. Some of the everyday tips that you can follow for the safety of your foundation includes:
Contact us for an on-site inspection during which we also educate our clients on preventive measures to avoid foundation damage. We also check your drainage for issues as a part of our inspection.

  • During times of extreme drought, homeowners can attempt to water the soil around your foundation to keep the soil around the foundation from shirking due to moisture loss.
  • Build a water outlet that redirects the water from your gutters’ downspouts away from your foundation.
  • While planning the landscaping aspects of your yard or lawn space, plant trees at least 5 to 7 feet away from your home and place root guards as a preventive measure to shield your foundation from root damage.

Effect of landscaping on the foundation

Shifting and foundation cracks are a result of the soil’s deterioration and movement below the foundation. Trees affect the soil’s moisture content near the foundation, causing the foundation to settle and shift. Over time, small air pockets form in the soil as a result of soil drying, which can affect its stability. Tree roots often suck up the water from the soil in the foundation deteriorating its condition.

Tree roots are capable of growing up to three times the total height of the tree. If you have trees nearby, the roots may be growing through the foundation of your residence, affecting its integrity. Contact us to fix your foundation issues coming as a result of poor landscaping. We offer the best foundation solution without uprooting your trees.

We offer long-lasting foundation solutions in Arizona. At Ram Jack Arizona, we also provide top-quality drainage and crawlspace solutions along with foundation repairs. Call us right away to schedule a site inspection.


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