Foundation Solutions Phoenix

Does your house have sloping floors or is your foundation sinking? If this is the case and if you are looking for foundation solutions in Phoenix then Ram Jack Arizona has the answers that you are looking for.

Foundation damage is a common problem for many homeowners in Arizona. Our extreme weather conditions and highly volatile soils can cause rapid expansion and contraction underneath and around your home resulting in damage to your foundation. Signs that your home may be suffering from foundation damage are cracks in your exterior stucco/block/brick, cracks or flaking on the exposed foundation stem wall, cracks in your drywall, gaps around doors and windows and chimney pulling away. These are all signs of possible foundation failure that may require repair. For Phoenix and Tucson foundation repair, mud jacking, piles, stem wall repair, seamless gutters, and drainage solutions, please call Ram Jack of Arizona for an on-site evaluation. Our trained consultants will provide a thorough evaluation and affordable solutions.

Also, due to the relatively flat landscape and continuous rainstorms, poor drainage is a serious problem and is a major cause of foundation failure in Arizona. Water absorbed by expansive soils results in significant soil volume changes. These changes lead to heaving which may result in damage to your foundation. Ram Jack Arizona has several drainage improvement solutions including gutters, extended downspouts, perimeter drains, and French drains to help control the water around your home.

For Phoenix foundation repair, mud jacking, piles, and slab leveling call Ram Jack Arizona to schedule your on-site evaluation. Our trained Foundation Repair Specialists will provide a thorough evaluation and affordable solutions.


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