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Ram Jack Arizona is a leading repairs contractor company that offers all types of foundation solutions in Tucson. Our areas of specialty include stem wall repair, compaction grouting, concrete slab leveling, helical piles, polyurethane injection, etc.

Foundation Cracks

If your house has a diagonal crack which occurs on the exterior walls around your home, it may be a sign of a shifting foundation. Diagonal wall cracks are a typical sign of foundation movement and can commonly appear during hot summer months.

Similarly, cracks on the upper levels of your home above the windows, archways, and doors can occur for a variety of reasons. It’s important to contact a reputable foundation solutions contractor in order to have your specific home properly evaluated.

if you spot cracks around your home in multiple areas or different parts of the house, call us to schedule an on-site inspection. One of our technicians will make sure to rule out what’s serious and what’s not.

Are foundation cracks a problem?

Foundation damages pose a serious threat to the health of your home. Be it concrete or block foundations, both are equally capable of settling, shifting and developing cracks over time. For the safety of your house, we offer on-site inspections and provide foundation solutions in Tucson.

A foundation crack is a threat that can lead to multiple other problems in your house. Foundation cracks can cause the concrete to fracture, crumble leading to more costly repairs. These cracks can significantly bring down your house’s resale value as well.

What are the signs of structural damage in my house?

One of the most common signs of structural damage that affects many homes is issues in the foundation. Signs of foundation issues inside the house include:
Some of the exterior signs of foundation issues are:
Cracks around the house can indicate significant structural damage or issues that need immediate attention. If you suspect foundation settlement, please contact us for affordable foundation solutions and repair.

  • Bowed Walls, cracks on drywall and around the door or window frames
  • Gaps at the part where floor and walls meet
  • Nail pops, cracks in drywall
  • Uneven floor surfaces
  • Cracks in stucco, block, and brick
  • Porches and patios pulling away from home
  • Windows and doors that do not close properly

During our site inspection, we also check for drainage issues if any, and we recommend corrective measures to keep water away from your foundation. Your home can be your greatest asset, and we value that, which is why we aim to protect your investment by offering the best foundation solutions in Tucson. Ram Jack Arizona is committed to providing nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction, call us today.


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