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Foundation Repair: What to Expect

As a homeowner, seeing cracks in your sheetrock, exterior bricks, stucco or concrete slab can be worrisome as these can all be signs of foundation failure. Fortunately, you can call in the help of an experienced repair specialist in Denver for foundation crack repair. It is; however, important to understand that most foundation problems will continue to worsen over time if they are not properly repaired or done so in a timely manner. Take the necessary precautions of protecting your largest investment by contacting Colorado's trained foundation repair specialists to evaluate your home’s foundation.

Foundation Inspection

When scheduling a foundation inspection in Denver, you should expect an on-site assessment of your property’s foundation. Your foundation specialist will take elevation measurements to evaluate and determine foundation settlement issues, as well as note any signs of foundation damage that appears inside, outside or even beneath your home.

Foundation Damage

While shifting soil below your foundation is usually to blame, foundation failure can actually present itself in a variety of ways outside of just visible cracking. Other common signs of foundation damage in Denver homes include: 


  • Misaligned doors and windows or sloping floors inside your home

  • Foundation cracks and gaps around doors & windows on exterior of the home 

  • Shifting supports or excessive moisture  in the crawlspace

  • Bowing & bulging basement walls of even moisture problems within the basement

How Much is Foundation Repair Denver

For many of us, our house is our biggest investment. While price is a considerable factor in choosing a foundation repair solution, you should also weigh the pros and cons of permanent foundation solutions versus cheaper fixes––which can lead to repeated problems and even more costly repairs in the future.

If restoring the value & safety of your home is a top priority, it is vital to start your decision making process with a professional foundation inspection so you have full understanding of the foundation problems occurring as well as how the repair solution will perform long term.  If purchasing a home in Denver, Colorado, make sure you know if foundation repairs have been done and what company performed the work.  

When researching how much foundation repair in Denver costs, ask the foundation specialists about their company’s financing options, as well as available warranties. 

Ram Jack of Colorado

Whether you see signs of foundation problems or are in need of affordable, permanent solutions, contact Ram Jack of Colorado––Denver’s home foundation repair experts. We not only offer advanced technology and high quality products, but have served local homeowners with foundation repair in Denver for more than three decades. Schedule an on-site evaluation online to better understand your foundation issues and work with a team of professional foundation specialists.


Ram Jack of Colorado

Foundation Damage, Inspection & Repair in Denver, CO & surrounding areas

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