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Compaction Grouting

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Straight Line Construction has successfully performed compaction grouting on hundreds of projects throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Wyoming.

What is Compaction Grouting?

Compaction grouting is a ground improvement technique that involves injecting a stiff, low mobility (low slump) grout into the ground surface under high pressure. 

How is this technique done?

Compaction grouting is usually performed in a bottom up manner with grout injection beginning at the bottom of the hole. Grout tubes are drilled to the planned treatment depth and grout is injected until one of three cut-off criteria are reached, the volume of gout placed exceeds the specified amount, the specified maximum injection pressure is reached, or undesirable ground or structure movement occurs. The grout tubes are then withdrawn in one foot increments and grout is gain placed and the process is repeated until the top of the treatment zone is reached.

How can compaction grouting impact my project?

The compaction grouting process results in a column of grout bulbs extending from the bottom of the treatment zone to the top. The resulting grout columns allow transfer of load from foundations to deeper bearing stratum. The grouting process also results in densification and increased bearing capacity of the surrounding soils within the treatment zone due to lateral displacement caused by the grout injection. Compaction grouting injection points are generally laid out on a grid pattern and may include primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment points to help provide confinement and increase ground improvement.

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Why consider using compaction grouting?

Compaction grouting can be used to improve ground conditions prior to construction, but is more commonly used for remedial repairs to help stabilize or raise existing foundations and slabs. The relatively high injection pressures used during compaction grouting often allow complete vertical recovery of foundations and slabs that have experienced settlement.

In what applications can this technique be used?

Compaction grouting can be utilized in a variety of applications including:

  • For new construction and remedial repairs

  • To raise foundations and floor slab that have settled

  • To fill large voids and fissures

  • In conjunction with mud jacking to fill small void spaces beneath slabs after stabilization

What advantages does compaction grouting offer?

Some of the advantages of compaction grouting include:

  • No drill spoils are created

  • Relatively economical

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