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How to Choose the Right Concrete Foundation Contractor in Denver

If you’ve noticed signs of foundation damage in or around your home, you may be asking yourself, ‘Now what?’ Most homeowners have never dealt with foundation failure before. It’s important to know that foundation problems typically worsened over time, especially if not evaluated and repaired properly. Fortunately, there are foundation services available in Denver that can help restore the safety and integrity of your structure.


When choosing a foundation repair company to evaluate your home, start by searching for concrete foundation contractors in Denver. Choosing a qualified team with experience in slab foundation repair, crawl space foundation repair and homes with basements will ensure that your home’s foundation is being evaluated by a reputable company offering foundation services in Denver.  

While you should always start with a professional evaluation to better understand the foundation problems you’re experiencing, we recommend doing research on each company and asking these 5 questions when choosing a foundation contractor.

1. How many years has the company been in business and what do previous customers say about them?

Years in business can help translate to experience and expertise! Check with neighbors in the area or even online reviews to see how long the companies have provided foundation repair services, what problems they’ve helped solve for homeowners like you, and the local experience they provide.

2. What does the evaluation entail & who performs it?

When calling to request an evaluation, ask to learn more about the process. A knowledgeable & experienced foundation specialist should perform an on-site evaluation to confirm foundation damage, explain their findings, answer questions, and design a repair plan.  Evaluating slab concrete foundations is much different than evaluating a home built with a basement.  Ram Jack of Colorado is a trained foundation repair contractor that can properly diagnose foundation settlement.  

3. What products will be used to fix my foundation?

High quality products used to repair your foundation can mean the difference between long lasting repairs and short term fixes. Consider these questions to determine the product quality of your foundation repair solution: Is the product eco-friendly and durable? What is the life expectancy of the product or solution? Will the product or solution need repairs over time?  Does the company offer a warranty? Is the product ICC-ES (third party) certified?

4. Does the company offer a warranty?

Before signing off on any foundation services, ask about your warranty options. Other considerations should include whether the warranty is transferable; who backs the warranty if the company goes out of business; and what exactly does the warranty cover.

Contact Ram Jack of Colorado Today

At Ram Jack of Colorado, we’ve served both residential and commercial customers for over 30 years with foundation services in Denver. We stand behind our work by offering high quality products and advanced technology to repair and restore foundations. Every one of our foundation repair jobs starts with an on-site evaluation of your home or building, led by a local & experienced foundation specialist. We not only have a range of financing options, but also transferable, warranty protection for many of our products & services. For more information – or to schedule an on-site evaluation – please contact us today!


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