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Foundation Repair Tucson

Crawl Space Solutions

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Have you looked in your crawlspace lately?


It is not something we think about, but your crawl space can have a major impact on the health of your home. If you have a damp, moldy crawl space or you have issues with standing water and poor drainage, the air quality in your home can be severely compromised.


Remember, there is very little separating your first floor living areas from your crawl space. Much of the air circulating in your home comes from your crawl space and a damp, musty crawlspace is not normal.

Crawl Space Services

We offer a variety of crawl space services to help control moisture and water intrusion underneath your home. See our solutions below.

Get started with Straight Line Construction's On-Site “Healthy Home” evaluation. Call or fill out the form to request an appointment.

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On-Site Evaluation

If you think your home or business is showing signs of foundation damage, fill out the form below to connect with our team & get an on-site evaluation by trusted, foundation repair specialists.

Foundation Damage Tucson

Crawl Space Solutions

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation Vapor Barriers

  • Perimeter Drains

  • Sump Pit/Pump

  • Grading Services

Foundation Solutions Tucson
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