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Ram Jack of Arizona

Foundation Solutions, Inspection & Repair in Phoenix, AZ & surrounding areas

Foundation Repair: What to Expect & How To Fix It

Seeing cracks in the sheetrock, exterior bricks, stucco or concrete slab of your home can definitely be cause for concern.  These can all be signs of foundation failure.  Fortunately, you can call in the help of an experienced foundation repair specialist.  It’s important to know that most foundation problems will worsen over time.  Time isn’t your ally in this situation.  Your best course of action is to contact a company that concentrates on foundation solutions in Arizona to evaluate your home’s foundation.

The Foundation Inspection

A professional foundation inspection in Phoenix should include precise elevation measurements to evaluate and determine foundation settlement issues.  A thorough inspection will include looking for obvious and subtle  signs of foundation damage occurring inside, outside or even beneath your home.

Foundation Damage

Shifting soil below your foundation is usually to blame, but foundation failure can actually present in a variety of ways.  Other common signs of foundation damage include: 


  • Misaligned doors and windows or sloping interior floors

  • Cracks and gaps around doors & windows on exterior of the home 

  • Shifting supports or excessive moisture in the crawlspace

  • Bowing & bulging basement walls of even moisture problems within the basement

How Much is Foundation Repair in Phoenix

Many homeowners want to know how much foundation repair is in Phoenix.   While price is always a factor, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of permanent foundation solutions versus cheaper fixes.  What looks to be cheaper initially can lead to recurrent problems and more costly repairs in the future.  If restoring the value & safety of your home is a top priority, start your decision making process with a professional foundation inspection.  This will give you a thorough understanding of whatever foundation problems may exist and how the repair solution will perform and benefit you long term.  If you’re purchasing a home, make sure you know if foundation repairs have been done and what company performed the work. 

Ram Jack of Colorado

Whether you see signs of foundation problems or are in need of affordable, permanent solutions, contact Ram Jack of Phoenix, the area’s home foundation repair experts. We not only offer advanced technology and high quality products, we are proud to have served local homeowners with foundation repair for more than three decades. Schedule an on-site evaluation today to better understand your foundation issues and work with a team of professional foundation specialists.

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