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  • StraightLine Construction

Albuquerque Residence

New Mexico

  • Project Type: Underpinning & Repair

  • Division: Residential

  • Service: Compaction Grouting, Micropiles & Rock Anchors

Located in Albuquerque’s upper foothills, this residence was constructed over a drainage characterized by granite boulders soils composed of silty clay to sand and decomposed granite.

When a water line broke, major settlement of the site began to put significant stresses on the house.

DCP and Shear Wave Velocity testing revealed very loose fills and voids among large boulders. A repair plan was developed to use micropiles to support and lift the load bearing footings and walls where settlement was most significant. Throughout the house and adjacent weak soils compaction grouting was performed in sequence to develop a containment ring and then stabilize beneath the house to stabilize and prevent further settlement in the future.

When confronted by complex site conditions, engineers will often recommend utilizing multiple repair methods. By specializing in a wide range of repair technologies, Straight Line works with engineers and owners to provide the best-fit solution on every project.

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