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  • StraightLine Construction

CSUP Psychology Building

Straight Line Construction

  • Project Type: Micropiles

  • Division: Commercial

  • Service: Micropiles

A variety of different sized micropiles were needed to accommodate the different loads of the building remodel and expansion.

The expansion off the side of the building required “New Construction” piles to ensure minimal if any settlement of the new structure.

Several existing columns on the interior lacked the capacity required by the remodel design. We worked with Printz Engineering Services who developed a new design to increase the load capacity with a minimal demo of the existing structure.

Per design, we installed micropiles near the existing column spread footing followed by coring through the existing footing to anchor the footing to the new micropiles significantly increasing the load of the column.

The interior work was drilled using our TD75 electric drill which can fit through a standard 36” door and powered by a generator staged outside the building. This allowed us access deep inside the building to access the columns and work without engineer exhaust concerns.

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