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Swimming Pool

Updated: May 30, 2020

Denver, Colorado

  • Project Type: Additional Capacity & Renovation

  • Division: Residential

  • Service: Compaction Grouting

When patio slabs surrounding a gunite swimming pool constructed over 8’-12’ of native silty clays began showing signs of settlement up to 1-1⁄2”, the owner became concerned for the water fastness of their pool.

By placing the grout casing at a five degree batter, Straight Line was able to create a stable zone underneath and in the areas surrounding the pool. As a testament to the effectiveness of compaction grouting, the entire pool was lifted in-situ to set it back to level.

During the grouting process, the Straight Line crew closely monitored the pool for signs of cracking or grout seepage. No damage or distress was observed.

Careful planning of grout sequencing and careful observation during the grouting process helped to ensure the success of this sensitive project.

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