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  • StraightLine Construction

Santa Fe Residence

New Mexico

  • Project Type: Underpinning & Repair

  • Division: Residential

  • Service: Compaction Grouting

Loose placed native clay fill surrounding a new residential foundation were subsiding, along with an improperly constructed retaining wall, with a seven foot elevation drop. Lateral movement in the fill surrounding the house away from the structure resulted in significant movement in one corner. Compaction grouting was performed to provide temporary stabilization of the structure until a final repair plan could be formulated.

Grouting was performed at 45 locations, at depths of 11-20 ft, moving from a primary grouting zone around the perimeter of the affected area, and a secondary grouting zone directly beneath the house.

Careful planning of grout sequencing and careful observation during the grouting process helped to ensure the success of this project.

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