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  • StraightLine Construction

Solana Solar Project


  • Project Type: New Construction

  • Division: Infrastructure

  • Service: Micropiles & Rock Anchors

Working with Abengoa Solar and Ram Jack, Straight Line designed and installed mirror foundations for a 280MW parabolic trough solar installation to supply power to Phoenix, AZ.

Extensive pre-job testing helped to establish the capacity of the local soils and allowed the design team to develop the best possible fit micropile for the loads and conditions. Production piles were proof tested at a rate of .5%

At the Solana Solar Project, 8” diameter holes were drilled to 8’ with continuous flight augers and a pre-manufactured 4” guide sleeve and cap were open hole grouted and reinforced with #8 all-thread bar.

Due to the tight tolerance requirements of the job, anchor bolts were located and installed post pile placement to match the dimensions of the mirror support frames.

In the harsh desert environment four drilling crews, operating custom rigs from TEI Rock Drills, installed 72,000 piles in under 12 months.

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