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  • StraightLine Construction

Trane Manufacturing

Southern Colorado

  • Project Type: Underpinning & Repair

  • Division: Commercial

  • Service: Helical & Resistance Piers

Trane manufacturing’s facility in Pueblo is located in the industrial district near the airport, a region notorious for significant collapsible clay layers above a stable shale layer. When they began experiencing significant settlement along a common wall between their main office and warehouse, Straight Line was contracted to underpin column locations along that wall with hydraulic push piers.

  • In total, 96 push piers, 2-7/8in diameter were installed to an average depth of 70ft, with only minor variations.

  • Five foot length 3-1/2in diameter casing was installed for lateral stability.

Once underpinning and lifting operations were complete, the trenches excavated to perform the work were backfilled with lightweight cellular concrete. This decision was made to reduce the overburden load on the spread footings, and in the interest of minimizing additional equipment and disruption that would have been required for a traditional engineered backfill.

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