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  • StraightLine Construction

Trinidad Jail

Southern Colorado

  • Project Type: Additional Capacity & Renovation, Underpinning & Repair

  • Division: Commercial

  • Service: Micropiles & Rock Anchors

The old city jail in Trinidad, Colorado needed significant work done to modernize the building so that it could be used by the courthouse. Working within 4’-0” hallways and overhead clearances as low as 7’-6”, micropiles were installed to support isolated new column loads for both seismic retrofit and additional capacity improvements.

Working in sandy/gravelly soils with boulders, new column loads were supported with 4” diameter piles with a 38mm reinforcement for new steel beams. Additional capacity piles were installed at existing column locations that were receiving additional loads from new beams.

To access drilling locations in the basement of the structure, a hole was cut in the floor slab and the drill was lowered down. Ram Jack NM beat out competitors who were proposing to excavate and remove a section of the basement wall.

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