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  • StraightLine Construction

UNM Arena Expansion

New Mexico

  • Project Type: Additional Capacity & Renovation

  • Division: Commercial

  • Service: Micropile & Rock Anchors

Boom mounted and remotely powered drills were used to install piles on a complex and highly congested expansion project at the University of New Mexico’s “The Pit” basketball arena.

Working with engineers, Straight Line developed a grouting plan to densify and establish a stabilized zones along the length south side of the building.

Grout was placed at 56 locations to an average depth of 35 feet, for a total of nearly 250 cubic yards of material. Included were 15 locations set at a 20 degree batter into uncontrolled fill in which 10ft³ of grout per vertical foot was placed.

Cobble and debris fills are difficult to effectively compact using traditional methods, and are difficult to remediate post-construction. Compaction grouting is often the most cost effective solution.

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