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Push Piers

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Straight Line Construction has successfully installed push piers on hundreds of  projects throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

What are push piers?

Push piers, sometimes also called resistance piers are deep foundation elements that generally consist of a steel shaft that is advanced into the soil using hydraulic jacks. Push piers use the weight of the existing structure to advance the push piers to the required bearing depth.

How are push pier installed?

Push piers are installed by attaching a foundation bracket to an existing foundation and utilizing a hydraulic jack to push the pier through the opening in the bracket and down into the soil. The weight of the existing structure provides the reaction force to advance the pers. The piers are advanced in sections until the required installation pressure is achieved or lift of the structure occurs.

What benefits can push piers provide on my projects?

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Push piers are generally used for remedial work as the advancement of the piers requires the weight of an existing structure. Push piers can be installed in very limited access areas as the installation only requires  hydraulic cylinder jacks and the hydraulic lines can be run to the work area from the outside of the structure. 

Push piers can provide  positive load transfer from existing foundations to suitable bearing strata. Push piers can be used to raise existing foundations that have settled. Push piers are well suited for larger, heavier structures that have settled as the higher weight of the larger structures provides additional resistance for while driving piers.

In what applications can push piers be used?

Push piers can be utilized in a variety of applications including:

  • Remedial repairs of existing foundations

  • To raise foundations that have settled

What advantages do push piers provide?

Some of the advantages of helical piers include:

  • Relatively economical compared to many deep foundation systems

  • Can be installed in very limited access locations

  • Fast installation

  • No drill spoils are created, this is particularly beneficial where contaminated soils are present

  • All elements of the push piers are made from steel, there is no need to wait for concrete to cure before loading the piers

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