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Residential Compaction Grouting

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

Many homes in the Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico areas were built with stone foundations that deteriorate over time.


As these stone foundations begin to crumble, the structure begins to slump and settle. Many homeowners discover that their homes were built on soils that are granular and unstable. Rapid settlement can occur if voids and sinkholes begin to develop underneath the home.


Straight Line Construction can help. Our residential compaction grouting service can add density to unstable and granular soils and restore stability for your home.

How Compaction Grouting Stabilize Your Home 

Straight Line Construction uses a high-pressure technique of pumping grout into problem areas around your home. The grout expands as it dries and causes the soil to compact and become more solid. The grout also fills and closes voids which are causing settlement problems.

Utilizing compaction grouting can help correct the following issues:

  • Crumbling stone foundations

  • Settlement issues

  • Raising slabs

  • Filling voids in soil / compacting soil

  • Filling sinkholes

If you think your house or building can benefit from our residential compaction grouting service, call us today or fill out the form to request a professional evaluation. We can evaluate your specific situation and develop a solution.

Compaction grouting is sometimes used in conjunction with mud jacking.

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