Foundation Basics, house foundation repair

Foundation Basics

Have you noticed cracks in your brick or cracks in your walls? The foundation of your home sits directly on the ground. Because of this direct contact, the soil underneath your home can directly impact the integrity of the very structure you are living in. Over time shifting soils can cause significant damage to your largest investment. Don’t panic. There is a solution. Call Ram Jack for a free on-site evaluation.

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Common Signs of Distress, house foundation repair

Common Signs of Distress

Problems caused by expansive soils are can usually be traced back to one thing: water. Excessive water in the soil causes it to swell, whereas too little water saturation will cause the soil to shrink. When all the soil under a foundation swells or shrinks in uniform, problems are not likely to occur.

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Floor and Slab Leveling, house foundation repair

Floor and Slab Leveling

Mud jacking, commonly referred to as concrete leveling or slab-jacking, is used to deal with the effects of settlement in concrete slabs. Mud jacking is commonly used for driveways, porches, and sidewalks.

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Underpinning, house foundation repair


When your home, or portions of your home rest on soils that are subject to settling, migration or swell, the only fully permanent and warrantied solution is structural underpinning.

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New Home Construction Foundations, house foundation repair

New Home Construction Foundations

Ram Jack provides pre-construction helical pile installation. Investing in a deep foundation system for your home will help prevent settlement and heaving issues, preserving the value of your home for generations to come.

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Financing Options, house foundation repair

Financing Options

We accept payment by check, major credit cards or through our EZ Pay same-as-cash financing system.

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