Residential Helical Piles, house foundation repair

Residential Helical Piles

Helical piers are used in new construction when challenging soils prevent a foundation from being built in a traditional manner. They also are used to stabilize a house’s foundation that has settled or failed.

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Residential Push Piers, house foundation repair

Residential Push Piers

Push Piers are used to underpin the foundation of an existing structure. Each pile is pushed into the soil with hydraulic cylinders by using the weight of the structure as a reaction force.

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Pre-Construction Piers, house foundation repair

Pre-Construction Piers

It is important to protect new construction and prevent future settlement before it begins. Piers installed during the pre-construction phase of a new home, commercial building, or building addition lessen the impact of substandard soil.

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Residential Micropiles, house foundation repair

Residential Micropiles

Micropiles are used in many commercial applications but can also be an affordable solution for many residential repairs.

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Concrete Slab Leveling, house foundation repair

Concrete Slab Leveling

Mud jacking, commonly referred to as concrete leveling or slab-jacking, is used to deal with the effects of settlement in concrete slabs. Mud jacking is commonly used for driveways, porches, and sidewalks.

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Pier and Beam, house foundation repair

Pier and Beam

As older homes settle, shift and breath throughout their life, the individual foundation supports can move at slightly different rates.

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Carbon Fiber Repair, house foundation repair

Carbon Fiber Repair

Bowing or cracking basement and retaining walls, un-reinforced historical structures, and overloaded columns all can be reinforced and repaired using a system of carbon fiber/Kevlar® straps manufactured by Fortress Stabilization.

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Stem Wall Repair, house foundation repair

Stem Wall Repair

The Stem Wall is the structure around your home that helps join the base of your building with all of the vertical walls built on the base.

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Residential Compaction Grouting, house foundation repair

Residential Compaction Grouting

Rapid settlement can occur if voids and sinkholes begin to develop underneath the home. Our residential compaction grouting service can add density to unstable and soils and restore stability for your home.

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Mud Jacking, house foundation repair

Mud Jacking

Mud jacking, commonly referred to as concrete leveling or slab-jacking, is used to deal with the effects of settlement in concrete slabs used for driveways, porches, and sidewalks. It can be combined with compaction grouting.

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Polyurethane Injection, house foundation repair

Polyurethane Injection

Polyurethane foam injection is an alternative to mud jacking if an ultra clean method is required, there is heavy continuous foot traffic, or the material being drilled is decorative with a need for minimal disruption.

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