Auger Cast piles are installed by rotating a continuously flighted hollow shaft auger (CFA) of approximately 12” to 36” in diameter to soil depths of up to 100’. High strength cement grout is pumped under pressure through the shaft as the auger is slowly withdrawn. Reinforcing steel placement occurs immediately after the auger is withdrawn and extends into the concrete cap. Auger Cast Piles in CO, NM and AZ are best suited for construction and shoring Deep Foundation elements, Cantilevered Shoring and Tie-back Shoring.

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Advantages of auger cast piles for shorning and construction in CO, NM and AZ:

  • Use of temporary casing or slurry to support the drill hole is unnecessary
  • Drilling is one continuous process and faster than drilled shaft as the drill bit doesn’t have to be lowered into the hole multiple times to complete excavation


  • Torque requirement to install CFA is much higher when compared to drilled shaft; therefore, field conditions may dictate shorter installation depths
  • Limited to soils and very weak rock profiles