Carbon Fiber Repair

Bowing or cracking basement and retaining walls, un-reinforced historical structures, and overloaded columns all can be reinforced and repaired using a system of carbon fiber/Kevlar® straps manufactured by Fortress Stabilization. Fortress has developed a concrete reinforcement system using carbon fiber technology and Kevlar straps, which wrap structures and increase lateral and blowout strength.

Repairing Basement and Retaining Walls

In some structures, insufficient reinforcement or overburden from water saturation causes walls to bow or crack inwards and eventually fail if not repaired. Traditionally, a repair contractor would excavate fill from behind the wall, temporarily shore the house or other structure above, and level and reinforce the wall with tie backs and steel channel bolted to the inside. Since this method is costly and invasive, Straight Line Construction Co. prefers to use carbon fiber strapping when possible.

If caught early when structural movement is minimal, we can place straps in vertical strips along the wall to stabilize the wall and prevent future movement. We can fill and seal cracks using epoxy injection and in some cases combine it with steel staples to stabilize the wall.

Fortress Stabilization products are the best in the industry, which is why we stand behind this permanent system of fixing basement walls and retaining walls.