Commercial Micropiles

When conventional methods will not work, such as in low headroom areas or places with restricted access, micro pile foundation consturcton and repairs in CO, NM and AZ can serve as successful substitutes. Typically 2-6 inches in diameter, micro piles are small piles that can be used in nearly any soil type.

Since each project has different soil and load-bearing needs, we work very closely with engineers to ensure we use the most suitable design based on load requirements and soil conditions. As a result, we match the best micro pile foundation solution in CO, NM and AZ from our toolbox to each project’s specifications.

Micro piles are used in both new construction and refurbishing of existing foundations in CO, NM and AZ and in either soil or bedrock. This versatility means minimal disturbance to the surrounding soil and structures.

Advantages of Micro Piles:

  • Appropriate in both tension and compression
  • Usable in nearly all ground conditions
  • Minimal vibration
  • Minimal installation space
  • Installable in awkward spaces
  • Achievable high grout pressure
  • Better anchoring and less settling
  • High-end corrosion protection and minimal grout cover
  • Less likelihood of shearing than a rod of the same cross section
  • Economical