Perimeter Drains
Perimeter Drains
Perimeter Drains

Water seems to always find a way in! Basic exterior drainage plays a large part in protecting your home from water intrusion but many times drainage is not enough. A perimeter drain (Interior or Exterior) may be the correct solution to your water problems. If water is making its way to the base of your foundation, we can install the drain on the inside or outside of the wall and footing to capture water, divert it to a collection pit and pump it up and away from the foundation.

If you are experiencing problems with water intrusion, leaking basement walls, or wet basements, contact Straight Line Construction today for a free on-site evaluation.

Below is are just a few of the services we offer to help correct water problems in and around your home.

  • Exterior Perimeter Drain (set outside the footing)
  • Interior Perimeter Drain (Set inside the footing)
  • Waterproofing compound applied to the exterior walls
  • Protection board laid over the waterproofing compound to reduce the chances of rocks and roots wearing off the compound
  • Waterproofing membrane that prevents water from getting to the foundation walls and if it does, creating a channel for the water to make its way directly to the exterior perimeter drain at the bottom of the exterior footing