Soil Nail and Shotcrete
Soil Nail and Shotcrete
Soil Nail and Shotcrete

When permanent shoring is required to maintain soils and slope, Soil Nail and Shotcrete reinforcement in CO, NM and AZ is an excellent choice with many advantages to counter sliding, bearing failures and stabilize sloughing soils. Soils Nails are drilled into the face creating a tension element. A plate and wire mesh form are tied into the nails along the face of the area. Shotcrete is then blown over the form creating a continuous solid structure to support the soils and resist soil pressure.

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Advantages of soil nail and shotcrete in CO, NM and AZ:

  • Creates a reinforced earth mass
  • Can be installed in 4’ to 5’ lifts to allow for steep or vertical excavation
  • Provides External and Global Stability
  • Shotcrete Flash may be used to prevent sloughing or soils collapse
  • No backfill and compaction required
  • Several installation methods from tight confined spaces to large vertical slopes
  • Used in conjunction with vertically installed piers and piles to stabilize and or extend existing foundations