Tie Backs
Tie Backs

On steeply sloping sites, pressure on retaining walls can cause major damage to built structures or slope failure. Straightline Construction can install micropiles, strand anchors, and helical piers to resist this downhill movement and reduce loads on retaining walls. By transferring loads from the wall or soil surface to the anchor, which extends beyond the “active zone” of the soil into the stable “passive zone” where it develops its resisting strength, walls and slopes are stabilized to prevent damage to structures.

Where retaining walls or foundations have been overburdened to the point of failure, we offer many basement and retaining wall repair tie backs options in CO, NM and AZ, dependent upon the nature of failure, the structure’s size, the soil type, and the overall goals of the repair plan. Working with geotechnical and structural engineers, Straight Line Construction develops the most practical and best-fit plan to repair your basement or retaining walls on CO, NM and AZ.

Simple stabilization to prevent further movement is often the most cost-effective solution. For cases that require it, we provide more intensive tie back methods in CO, NM and AZ, which include some demolition and excavation to achieve significant recovery of the house or building.

We Repair Bowed or Cracked Basement Walls in CO, NM and AZ

Straight Line Construction is a certified dealer and installer of Fortress Stabilization Systems. These carbon fiber/Kevlar® grid strap reinforcement systems are designed to stabilize and repair concrete, foundation, and other structures that have fractured or bowed due to soil pressure, water damage or other causes. Carbon fiber/Kevlar grid straps are proven to be the best solution on the market today, providing innovative answers for concrete reinforcement.

Overall, our soil nail and tie back products and services include:

  • New construction of retention anchors for stabilizing slopes or retaining walls
  • Temporary soil nail and shotcrete excavation shoring
  • Reticulated micropile excavation shoring
  • Post-construction repair and recovery anchors