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Stem Wall Repair

Trusted Foundation Repair from Residential to Heavy Commercial

The Stem Wall is the structure around your home that helps join the base of your building with all of the vertical walls built on the base. Your Stem Wall can be compromised if moisture begins to seep through the concrete and come in contact with the internal rebar reinforcement. As the steel rebar begins to rust, the surface area expands, and the pressure can blow out the concrete and reduce the strength of the foundation wall. Failure to address and treat the rebar (not just surface patching the concrete) may result severe damage to the foundation wall and loss of support for the upper structure.

The most common signs of the rusting rebar inside the foundation wall are cracking, spalling and flaking of the exposed concrete. In some cases, the rust can even stain the outer concrete surface.

Straight Line Construction can help. We take special care to address all the issues affecting your Stem Wall in order to provide a permanent solution. We address the specific issues affecting your home and complete the repair by patching all removed concrete areas with a non-shrink cement product that contains a rust inhibitor.

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